Post Adoption Support Systems

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Post Adoption Support Systems

Setting up a good support system is an important part of the adoption process. Choose to surround yourself in the days and weeks following the adoption with friends and family members who are in agreement with your adoption plan, and will be supportive of you as you adjust to your new parenting role. Now is not the time to have frequent contact with those who are not supportive of your decision to adopt, or your adopted child. You need time to get acquainted with your child, and to get used to the changes within your new family. You and your spouse are going through some major life-changes, and being surrounded by a loving and positive support system will make coping with these changes much easier.

Another way to surround yourself with supportive people is to seek out an adoptive parent support group, or consider starting one in your area. Also, if you find yourself exhibiting the symptoms of Post-Adoption Depression, do not hesitate to seek counseling by an experienced adoption counselor.



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