Parenting Your Adopted Child Tips

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Understanding Cultures

Your adopted child may be a different race, or nationality, than the rest of your family. Celebrate the holidays and cultural celebrations of your child’s ethnic background, as well as your own culture. It is important that he learns to recognize his heritage.

What Is Community Involvement?

Helping The Disadvantaged

It´s important to involve your children in charitable acts and to recognize that there are people less fortunate. Our duty is to help these people and give some of our good graces back.

How Should I Work With A Therapist?

Staying Involved

Stay in touch with your child’s therapist. Ask to be included in part of a session once a month. This will enable you to see first-hand how the child interacts with the therapists and will keep you informed as to what is being worked on. Do not allow the therapist to exclude you from being involved - make them be accountable.


Teach Your Child To Experience Success

Give your child assignments and responsibilities that you know they can accomplish. With every success comes more confidence, and an increased ability to cope with new situations.


Responsibility Builds Character

Assign your child age-appropriate responsibilities including feeding the dog, setting the table, clearing the table, and yard work. This not only prepares them for the world, but helps build self-confidence.


Remain Composed

Try to remain soft spoken and calm when dealing with disciplinary issues. Children will respond quicker and become less frightened if you can keep your composure.


Juggling Work & Family

It can be quite a challenge to juggle work and family, especially for today’s working mother. Make the most of your days off by trimming your schedule of unnecessary commitments in order to spend as much time with your child as possible. Children grow up too quickly, and you will soon have plenty of time for those things when they leave the nest.

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