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Where Can I Find A Support Group?

Support Groups - Types

There are many support groups that deal with various areas of concern. There are mental health groups, individual disorder groups as well as groups dealing with raising teenagers, infants, siblings and more. Consult your adoption agency, pediatrician, or public library.

How Can A Therapist Help?

Maintaining Your Self-Esteem When Things Get Rough

Part of the exhaustion, distress, and frustration that accompanies difficult periods in the post-adoption phase are the result of how the difficulty impacts the one’s own self-esteem. A therapist can be very beneficial to help the parent through these frustrations.

Where Do I Look For Emotional Support?

Self-Care & Special Needs Adoptions

Emotional support is an important aspect in special needs adoption. Relying on parents with similar backgrounds in adoption are great resources for support groups. Utilize family, friends and peers, and never be afraid to ask for help.

How Can I Start A Support Group?

Where To Start

Consider starting your own support group. Contact agencies in your area to find guest speakers. Network with other parents of adoptive children. Utilize your library for other resources.

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