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Adopting Internationally

Children in a number of countries are available for adoption. Many foreign-born children adopted in the U.S. are from Russia, China, Korea, India, Romania, Guatemala, Vietnam, Ukraine, Cambodia, and Kazakhstan. Eastern Europe, Central America and South America send a great number of children to be adopted in the United States. Many international adoptions are done through private adoption agencies, though some countries will allow families to work directly with attorneys. Children from foreign countries who are available for adoption are often living in orphanages, and occasionally foster care. Considerations for international adoptions are: in – country and immigration requirements, agency fees, transportation costs, legal costs and medical costs. International adoptions can be overwhelming, so working with a licensed, experienced agency is strongly recommended.

How do I go about adopting a child from Russia?

Adopting A Child From Russia

There are certain steps to be followed when adopting a child from the Russian Federation. You should check with the State Department concerning the regulations for adoptions from other countries. For Russia in particular, the reference is and it lists eligibility and residency requirements for perspective adoptive parents as well as time frame to expect the adoption to take, fees, and much more information that you will need to know. Be advised that you will need to travel to Russia to meet with the child. Be sure you know the regulations about a Russian visa and so on.

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