Birth Mother's Day: Gift Ideas

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Birth Mother's Day: Gift Ideas

Birth Mother’s Day is celebrated the Saturday before Mother’s Day each year. Many adoptive parents realize the gift and sacrifice that their adopted child’s birth mother made for them to be able to have their adopted child.

Here are some ideas for honoring your child’s birth mother on her special day:

  • Give her a mother’s ring, locket, or other piece of jewelry which holds a photo of the child she placed for adoption, the child’s birth stone, or other significant symbol.

  • Video tape the child playing at the park, at the zoo, or other special place where the child is having fun, and give this as a special keepsake.

  • Another idea is to video tape a normal day in the life of your child. Your child’s birth mother will appreciate seeing what her child’s daily life is like, and it will confirm to her that her child is doing well and is happy.

  • Make a plaster hand or foot print of your child.

  • Write a letter of gratitude to your child’s birth mother. Express your heart felt appreciation for her sacrifice and gift, and include photos of the child.

  • Start a blog or webpage about your child, include lots of photos and details about daily life and special events. To keep your private life private, many blogs have the capability of setting it private to all but invited users.



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