Labor and Delivery In Adoption

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Labor and Delivery In Adoption

Before it is time to go to the hospital, the expectant mother will want to pack some things to take with her. These items may include: the birth plan, watch with a second-hand (to time contractions), a pen and pad of paper (for writing down contraction times), comfortable clothes for the hospital stay, a robe, socks, slippers, hair band, lip moisturizer, snacks, reading materials, toiletries, sanitary napkins, and a loose-fitting going home outfit.

The birth mother may want to record information about the birth process either for her knowledge for future pregnancies, or to share with her child in the future, or to share with the adoptive parents. This type of information may include: duration of labor and delivery, complications during labor that may have occurred, any medications that were taken, reaction to anesthesia that was given, information about the delivery, the time of delivery, and the information about the baby at birth.



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