The Adoption Option: Birth Mother Considerations

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The Adoption Option: Birth Mother Considerations

Before a birth mother decides to choose adoption, she should be aware of her options. She should weigh out the choices of adoption, or parenting the child, and she should use the option that she believes is best for both herself and her child.

The birth mother should thoroughly consider why she is choosing adoption, if it is fully her decision, and if she is comfortable sharing this information with her child at some point. The next thing to consider is the type of adoption the birth mother wants to pursue. She should educate herself on the degrees of openness she wants in an adoption. She may feel she just wants periodic pictures and updates of how her child is doing, or she may want regular direct contact with the adopting family, or she may even decide that a closed adoption would be more appropriate in her situation.

Then, she will need to decide what she is looking for in an adopting family. The birth mother should also consider the other people in her life and their reactions to her adoption plan, especially the birth father. Additionally, the birth mother may wish to create a journal or scrapbook of her thoughts and decisions during her pregnancy that she can share with her child one day.



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