Birth Mother Relinquishment In Adoption

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Birth Mother Relinquishment In Adoption

It is crucial for the birth mother to understand the legal aspect of the adoption process.

The birth mother should educate herself about what papers she will be signing and what they mean. She can work with her adoption agency to go over all of the documents she will sign before she puts her signature on it. The birth mother may also ask for copies of the documents that she signed so she can look over them later. Once the papers are signed, a court date will be determined to finalize the adoption.

The birth mother should not sign any papers until she is certain of her decision. After the relinquishment process, it is very unlikely that the birthmother will be able to win her case to have her child returned to her. The amount of days a mother has to change her mind after signing the termination of her parental rights varies by state. After the relinquishment process is complete, the birth mother's rights are severed, unless she can prove that she was forced, under duress, or part of the adoption process was illegally performed.



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