Using The Past To Change The Future

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How will an inquiry into past adoption practices change the future of adoption?

Using The Past To Change The Future

Following Australia's lead, OriginsUSA and its affiliates are working toward a government inquiry into past adoption practices in the United States. By publicly revealing the coercive practices which were used to procure adoptable infants and by acknowledging the effects adoption has had on natural mothers and adopted people, an inquiry has the potential to shape the future of adoption in America. There is much work to be done, but the families that were severed during the Baby Scoop Era deserve to have their losses acknowledged on a grand scale. The more people who come forward, the more successful the inquiry will be. If you lost a child during the Baby Scoop Era, you can contact OriginsUSA to share your story and volunteer your time. The OriginsUSA Board of Directors can be reached at



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