Making an Adoption Plan

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What is an adoption plan?

Making an Adoption Plan

Making an adoption plan refers to creating a path for your adoption choices and the adoption process. The adoption plan includes learning about adoption and creating an idea of what type of child an adopting family is looking for. By determining what type of child and what type of adoption they desire, adoptive parents will be better able to work with an adoption agency, the birth parents and the process in general.

Potential adopting parents should be encouraged to enter adoption with open minds to the children who are in need of homes. They should avoid creating a very narrow idea of the type of child they wish to adopt when they are new to adoption. Parents may also want to think about adopting more than one child, depending on the type of adoption they choose.

The adoption plan should be a long-term series of goals for a family. The potential adoptive parents should consider what the changes that adoption will make in their lives. They should also think about what they hope to accomplish in the waiting period for their child. The adoption process can be a long, yet educational and fulfilling path.



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