Health of Birth Parents

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How can I find out the health of a child before adopting?

Health of Birth Parents

Thousands of people adopt children every year. Many people decide to go to foreign countries in search of a child they would like to adopt, perhaps assuming that it will be a quick and easy process compared to adopting in their homeland.

Many parents are quite happy after having adopted a child overseas, but aside from the apparent ease there are other factors to consider. Since the health of adoptable children is directly tied to their birth parents, will there be any way to check this out?

Maybe a reputable adoption agency with verifiable references will disclose anything they know about the birth parents. Parents must keep in mind that an adoption agency will try to present adoptable children in the best light, so are not eager to share any health history. If parents are dealing with an adoption attorney, the attorney may not know or be unable to disclose any information about the birth parents.

Parents must accept that they are often on their own, and must make up their mind based on their own evaluation of the child. If they do decide to adopt, then visiting a doctor as soon as the adoption is final is the best they can hope for.



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