Post-Adoption Information To Include In A Lifebook

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Post-Adoption Information To Include In A Lifebook

An adoption lifebook should grow with your child throughout his life. Not only should his lifebook include information about his birth, birth family, and the circumstances surrounding his adoption; it should also tell the story of his life with you, his adoptive family. Some ideas for post-adoption pages are:

  • Information about your own family (family tree, schools attended, occupations, birthdates, marriage information, and other special occasions, ect.)

  • How you and your spouse met

  • Why you decided to adopt

  • Photos and facts about his adoption day

  • Adoption shower/ party details

  • Facts about his infant and toddler years

  • His school years, grade cards, special school papers, artwork, ect.

  • Have him journal in his lifebook about everyday life, special occasions, feelings about being adopted, and so forth.

As you can see, a lifebook can play a significant role in your child’s life. Spend time with him as he grows older working on lifebook pages together, and looking through and reading his lifebook; as well as discussing any questions that may arise out of those moments. By creating a lifebook for, and with, your adopted child, you are passing on a heritage to him that he will treasure for years to come.



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