Pre-Adoption Information To Include In A Lifebook

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Pre-Adoption Information To Include In A Lifebook

An adoption lifebook should begin before your adopted child came into your life, at the point of his beginning- with his birth family- and then grow with your child throughout his life. Some important information to include (at least as much as possible) in your child’s lifebook are:

  • Information about his birth (date, time, place, weight).

  • Details about previous foster homes or orphanages.

  • Facts about his country of origin- if he was born internationally.

  • Birth family information- particularly birth father and birth mother. Include birthdates and places, names, and so forth.

  • If you know the facts surrounding your child’s placement for adoption, include it in his lifebook as well. If this information is not available, or sketchy, it is far better to skip over this section than to offer false information with the intent to spare his feelings. Always be honest with your child, being careful to explain details on an age-appropriate level, and leaving out complicated details that are better left for a time when he is emotionally able to handle them.



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