Birth Parent Tip For Involving Family In The Adoption

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Birth Parent Tip For Involving Family In The Adoption

As you prepare to place your child for adoption with an adoptive family, your family will also need to prepare. It is important to remember that though you have many thoughts and emotions right now, so do the people closest to you. You can help your family through your adoption process by being open with them. You should realize that they may not understand your actions or your feelings, and the best that you can do is be honest and patient.

If your parents are having a hard time coping, you may want to have them accompany you to the doctor or the adoption agency. You may even want to set up an individual appointment with an adoption counselor for them. Parents may also want to make something for the baby, such as a journal or a scrapbook to help them through the adoption process. It is important to realize that the birth mother's parents will experience a loss as well, and they have every right to grieve that loss.



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