Qualifications for Adoptive Parents

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Qualifications for Adoptive Parents

The laws and policies that determine who can, and who cannot, adopt vary by state and by agency. There are some general requirements, though, that almost all agencies will examine when deciding if a couple is right for adoption. The legal and procedural factors of the state and county in which the adoption occurs are usually unalterable. In addition to legal requirements, adoption agencies will have some additional restrictions for adoptive parents. These criteria are based on the type of agency, the types of adoptions the agency offers, and the mission of the agency. Since not all of an agency's criteria are determined by law, the agency may be willing to make exceptions for certain situations. In some cases, birth parents may impose restrictions on adoptive couples. The birth parents ultimately decide who they feel are fit to be the parents of their child. It is important to remember that potential adoptive parents have limitations in the adoption process as well. They have financial, age, health and social factors that they need to feel comfortable about before proceeding with an adoption.



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