Eligibility to Adopt

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Eligibility to Adopt

Adoptive parents come from all walks of life: married or single, disabled, religious and non-religious, wealthy or of modest means. People with disabilities can adopt if they are healthy enough to adequately care for a child. People who have divorced, or may have a record of personal counseling may be able to adopt as well. Adopting parents do not need to have a high income or even own their own home as long as they prove they can provide for, and permanently care for, a child. Many more children are being placed in single parent homes as well. Single adoptive parents are considered if they show they are stable, responsible and have a supportive group of family and friends. Some agencies still maintain strict criteria for married couples, the length of the marriage, the age of the potential parents, the number of other children in the home, and even evidence of infertility. Shop around for an agency that will accommodate your particular situation.



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