Birth Mother/ Adoptive Parent Interview

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Birth Mother/ Adoptive Parent Interview

When the birth mother selects a couple she likes and wants to speak with, the adoption agency or attorney will then arrange a meeting, by phone or in person, between the birth mother and the potential adoptive parents. This meeting is the time for the birth mother to ask any questions she may not have been able to answer by reading the adopting parents' profiles.

Additionally, the birth mother may want to prepare some questions to ask the adopting couple, such as: how long they have been married, information about their other children, why they want to adopt, how they plan to discipline, or what values they hope to instill in their children. The birth mother will want to gain a picture of the adoptive couple and how they would care for her child.

The social worker, or adoption professional, is usually present for the meeting to fix lulls in the conversations, help present questions, and keep everyone at ease. If the birth mother feels that the couple is not a match after the meeting, she should tell her adoption counselor. Speaking with the couple does not contract a definite match, and both sides should feel free to decline if they are uncomfortable.



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