Private or Independent Adoptions

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What is a private or independent adoption?

Private or Independent Adoptions

Private or independent adoptions are conducted through the use of an adoption attorney. Private adoptions usually deal with infants, though this is not always the case. The child may be located before the attorney is involved, or the attorney may assist in the location of a child for adoption.

When choosing a private adoption with an attorney, the adoptive couple should research experienced adoption attorneys, to ensure knowledge of state adoption practices. The expenses of a private adoption vary, though it is expected that the adoptive parents pay for the medical (if necessary), and legal costs for the birthparent(s) as well as their own legal fees. The adoptive parents will still need to complete an adoption home study through a licensed social worker or a licensed adoption agency. Before pursuing a private adoption, it is important to check that private adoptions are legal in your state.



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