Financial Aid for Adoption

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Is there financial aid available for my adoption?

Financial Aid for Adoption

Adoption costs can be managed through careful financial planning. Some adopting couples have worked with friends, families, churches or other local organizations to raise money to help them with their adoption. Loans from a commercial lender or financial institution can be taken out to help parents with the cost of an adoption. Potential adoptive parents should check into their employer's adoption policies, since some companies will offer adoption benefits. Couples may also be eligible for an adoption tax credit-although this will not be available to them until after the adoption is finalized in most cases. Government subsidies may be available for foster care adoptions or special needs adoptions. Medical expenses can be lessened if the birth mother has her own insurance or is eligible for Medicaid. In some cases, the adopting couple's insurance policy may cover the birth mother's medical expenses after the adoption.



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